Main activities


  • Definition of methodological tools required for the achievement of LAB 31 experimental workshops
  • Develop an alternative approach for foreign minors originating from third countries, especially Ums, to take part in play, recreation and cultural activities in the host community. Identify and define a common methodology, shared between the partners, in order to test and develop an homogenous network of pilot workshops.
  • Stimulate the sharing of knowledge and experience through a collection of good practices in the social and cultural fields, aimed at youngsters originating from third countries, Ums more particularly.
  • Provide examples of successful practices stimulating the participation of youngsters and more particularly unaccompanied minors, in local cultural and social initiatives.
  • Guide of good practices – Definition of good practices in the field of young foreign minors, through cultural and sports activities in the partner countries, drafting of a guide of good practices.
  • Advisory committees – Setting-up of an advisory committee in each pilot city (Crotone, Bucharest, Galati Prague Liverpool, Lorca-Murcia, Nicosia, Forest) bringing together the main local stakeholders.


Test and measure an alternative approach aiming at increasing the participation of foreign minors originating from third countries, Ums more particularly, in « PLAY » activities – based on art. 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child : cultural, recreation and sports activities in the host community. 8 pilot workshops: Crotone, Liverpool, Murcia-Lorca, Prague, Forest, Bucharest, Galati, Nicosia.


  • Fight the negative image of youngsters coming from nowhere through an information campaign at a local level but also in the media that have a significant impact on public at large, all ages included.
  • Awareness-raising TV videoclip on foreign minors.
  • Open days for public at large, children more particularly, during LAB31 activities to raise awareness.« Play » Day with the public. Presentation of the various initiatives led during the period of the workshop.
  • Seminars within the schools on the significance of the right to play as an integration instrument and on the concept of Lab 31.
  • Designing of a brochure on the right to play.


  • Website
  • Production-Publications
  • Documentary film on pilot workshops
  • Final conference