The project aims at developing the participation of foreign minors, unaccompanied foreign minors (Ums) included, in the cultural and social life of the host community, through specific cultural and play initiatives with the local population.

Lab31 will provide an innovative model of integration for foreign minors and will ensure their active participation through play.


Identification of existing good practices in the cultural integration of foreign minors at a local level. Develop and test an alternative approach to accompanied or unaccompanied foreign minors’ integration with young natives through play and cultural activities: 8 Lab31 pilot-projects – workshops based on such recreation activities as sports, dance, music… Development of innovative awareness tools.


Foreign minors, Ums included, 6-18 years of age.

Outcomes expected

Provide a model for integration and active participation of foreign minors in the host community through recreation and cultural activities. Make it possible for foreign children and youngsters, without any discrimination, to be fully aware of their right to play, Art. 31 in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Develop foreign minors’ ability to communicate with the local community and to take part in it. Change civil society’s attitude regarding foreign minors, starting with youngsters. Reduce exclusion.

Main Results

An alternative model for foreign minors’ participation in the local community life: 8 “play” pilot workshops (play and cultural activities for minors and natives): concertation tables with local stakeholders; awareness videospots; open days for presentation, seminars in schools; documentary film on workshops experience. DVD, Final Conference, publications.