KISA is an NGO in Cyprus, established in 1998, with the vision of promoting an open and all-inclusive, multicultural society, that respects and promotes the rights and active participation of all.

KISA strives for the active and equal participation of migrants and refugees in all spears of life, irrespective of their migration status in the country.

Focusing its work on Migration, Asylum, Discrimination, Hate Crime and Hate Speech, Racism and Trafficking in Human Beings, KISA’s actions include:

  • Documentation and awareness raising
  • Campaigning, advocacy and mobilisations
  • Strategic litigation
  • Counselling, empowerment and capacity building of migrants and refugees
  • Civil society networking and cooperation
  • Consultation and cooperation with independent human rights institutions

Activities related to refugee children

  • Leisure and educational activities promoting the interaction/understanding between young people and the integration of migrant and refugee children, such as KISA’s Summer School, organised for a number of years in July and run by dedicated and professional volunteers. Activities of the Summer School include camping, walks, excursions, classes on photography and other arts and visits to museums and places of interest.
  • Participation in national and EU actions/programmes promoting the rights of migrant and refugee children, such as the AMIF-funded NICeR project, for the promotion of the social and cultural integration of refugee children/youth through the performing arts. More than 15 young refugees and 15 young non-refugees (asylum seekers, migrants, Cypriots), guided by professional coaches participated in music, drama and Greek language workshops, which concluded with the final staging of a theatrical production.
  • Activities combating racism and discrimination among young people, including the Score Against Racism football tournament, organised under the Football People Movement.
  • Migrant and Refugee Centre: KISA operates a Migrant and Refugee Centre that provides free information, support, advocacy and mediation services to migrants, refugees, victims of trafficking and racism/ discrimination and ethnic minorities in general, including families and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.
  • Documentation / mapping surveys regarding migrant children and their rights
  • Cooperation and consultation with the Commissioner for the Protection of Children’s Rights
  • Awareness raising and educational activities among young people, such as visits to schools, with presentations, workshops, discussions about migration, discrimination and racism


Tel: +357 22878181
Fax: +357 22773039

Doros Polykarpou – Executive Director KISA